David Maines' Black Friday deal turns into a bust

(WJLA) - It was one of those unbelievable Black Friday deals that had people lining up - a 50-inch television for just $228. But when one Maryland man got it home, he found his door-buster was busted.

David Maines left Thanksgiving dinner early{ }and braved sub-freezing temperatures to wait in line for hours outside a St. Mary's County Target last week to make sure he was one of the 28 people guaranteed to get a killer door-buster.{ }

"It was pretty cold," he says. "I remember my toes were frozen when we got into the store."

When he got home, Maines gave the thumbs up for a successful shopping trip - but then he opened the box to discover his new television was broken.{ }

Maines tried to exchange the television, but the item was sold out. Target offered a refund and a small discount off another television, but nothing of similar size was available.{ }

Frustrated, he called 7 On Your Side.{ }

While ABC7 waited to hear from Target, the television's manufacturer, Element Electronics, responded immediately with good news. Not only will Maines get a replacement TV, but he'll also receive an upgraded model.{ }

Target tells ABC7 it prefers to deal with customers directly, but thanks to Element Electronics, Maines should have his new TV this month, hopefully before Christmas.