Consumers ditching cable for cheaper options

(WJLA) - With all the new ways to watch your favorite shows these days, longtime cable customers are ditching their costly subscriptions for cheaper options.

The Son family of four in Alexandria just canceled cable and switched to digital media players that stream video and audio on their television. They used to spend $120 on cable, but now they’re spending about $57 a month for internet service and Hulu.

“That’s a huge difference," says Daniel Son. "Cost was the biggest thing for us and convenience was the other factor. We were paying so much for 200 to 300 channels of which we only needed ten. You think about it, how many channels do you really watch?”

The Son’s now use two cable TV alternatives, Roku and Apple TV, connecting through a Wifi connection to watch their favorite shows and cartoons with their two-year-old daughter, Gigi.

Their Roku box cost a one-time payment of $50. Google Chromecast is a cheaper option for only $35, and Apple TV costs you a one-time payment of $99.

“It was actually a lifestyle choice. We found ourselves watching shows just because they were on, wasting time that way,” says Kate Son.