Consumer Alert: Velveeta shortage, dine-in vs. fast food

(WJLA) - There’s a cheesy problem just in time for Super Bowl parties.

Kraft says it’s facing a Velveeta shortage
and some stores are running out of the product. The company didn’t explain the reason for the shortage, but Kraft says this is a short-term situation and says it is doing everything it can to get the product back on shelves.

Is dining at a restaurant healthier than grabbing fast food? Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University found that an entrée, side dish, and half an appetizer at the average chain restaurant will run you 1,500 calories. If you add a drink and half a dessert you're likely eating 2,000 calories, more than a typical person should eat in one day. The universities fast food meals can be lower in calories, fat, and salt.

How stressful is your job? has released the most stressful jobs. The top five are military personnel, firefighter, airline pilot, event coordinator, and public relations executive. The least stressful jobs are audiologist, hair stylist, jeweler, university professor, and tailor.