Consumer Alert: Target credit monitoring for customers

(WJLA) - We’ve received a lot of complaints from you about Target’s free credit monitoring and identity theft protection after the big security breach that affected 70 million people.

We looked into it, and found that Target offers credit monitoring for just one credit reporting agency: Experian. It does not include Equifax or Transunion.

Target’s website says that guests also have to purchase the additional products in order to get monitoring services.

Speaking of complaints, which are the most complained about credit cards? You spoke out to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and here’s the list:

1. Capital One
2. Citibank
3. Bank of America
4. Chase

Meanwhile, bad weather didn’t stop you all from holiday shopping. Despite predictions of low retail activity, total holiday sales increased almost four percent for a grand spending total of $601 billion.

According to the National Retail Federation, online sales equaled $95 billion.