Cell phone battery explosions should be investigated, Schumer says

In one instance, a Samsung Galaxy Note's battery reportedly caught fire in a person's pocket. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

New York Sen. Chuck Schumer and Consumer Reports are joining forces to call on the nation's retail watchdog to looking to a spate of exploding cell phone batteries.

The New York Daily News says that Schumer wants the Consumer Product Safety Commission to look into dozens of incidents since 2011 where cell phone batteries have exploded or caught fire.

In one instance this past February, CNET reports that the battery attached to a Samsung Galaxy Note belonging to a man in South Korea caught fire in his pocket.

Schumer says that most of the batteries were produced in China, the Daily News says.

"People should not feel like this thing is a ticking time bomb in their pocket," he said Sunday during his announcement.

In support of his claim, Consumer Reports said in a statement Sunday that cell phone owners should avoid buying and using off-brand batteries that weren't produced by the cell phone maker.

The group also recommends keeping your phone away from extreme heat, water and metal.