Black Friday sales continue as retailers run out of time

ARLINGTON, Va. (WJLA) - With signs advertising deals of 50 to 70-percent off, many stores looked on Monday the way they did for Black Friday.

"Last year, i noticed it was like Black Friday sales and then the sales went off -- this time, it's like Black Friday sales and the sales are still here," said shopper EJ Montgomery.

There are only 26 days this year between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and additionally, the holiday shopping season is off to a bad start. Black Friday sales were down nearly 3-percent from last year, and retailers are running out of time.

And while many shoppers have taken advantage of some of the deals out there, there are many who haven’t. A National Retail Federation survey shows that the average shopper has checked off only half of their Christmas list so far, with some in the survey saying they haven’t even started shopping yet at all.