Black Friday: Best and worst purchases

Many items will hit their lowest prices this month around Black Friday. But not everything is a smart purchase when it comes to November shopping.

So what are the best items to buy?

Just in time for Thanksgiving: cookware, tools, and 46 to 55-inch televisions will all be inexpensive. Off-brand 46 and 47-inch televisions are expected to go for under $300, 55-inch televisions around $425.

But probably the smartest thing to buy around this time is none other than a wedding dress!

"This is actually a great time to buy a wedding dress," confirms Julia Kepniss of Hitched salon in Georgetown.

For the months of November and December, it will be a great time to shop for a wedding dress because there’s a drop in demand during the holidays. That could mean bargain for the bride on a budget.

"Various different custom things that allow you to make your dress your own -- other times of the year you would have to pay for those type of things to get those things thrown in," adds Carin Levine of Hitched.

On the other hand, toys along with winter apparel are probably the worst things to buy during the month of November.

"Buy them in the off-season when it's not before winter...or after the winter when they're on sale for next year," says shopper Kimberly Truba.

The best time to get deep discounts is in the middle of the month or the second week of December, along with Black Friday.