Better Business Bureau releases top scams for 2013

(WJLA) - The Better Business Bureau has unveiled the top scams of 2013. The scams are widespread and target all ages.

Ever get a Facebook friend request from someone you already thought was your friend? Your newly-accepted friend could be a scammer trying to learn more about you by using the Facebook identity of someone you know.

You could be duped at home, too. Contractors promise work on areas you can’t see, like air ducts or crawl spaces. They then take your money and disappear.

If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Another top scam is foreign currency investment schemes promising huge profits when low valued foreign currency is worth more.

Senior citizens are receiving deceptive robocalls tricking them into paying for an alert system they'll never receive.

Fake arrest warrants-callers pose as law enforcement claiming you’ll be arrested if you don’t pay up.

Did you sell things on eBay or other auction sites? The buyer may not be legit. Scammers ask for the order quickly and to ship the package immediately. You'll get a PayPal email confirmation, but it's fake.{ }

A call claiming to reinstate you on the Do Not Call registry or register you for health insurance is also a scam.

Think twice before you open or reply to a text. A text may look like an alert from a bank asking you to log in, but it’s an imposter fishing for your personal information. The scammers in these cases are tough to trace because they’re often overseas.

If money is involved, you probably won’t see it again.

Rounding out the list are casting call scams, where deceptive talent scouts cheat you out of thousands of dollars in Maryland.