Bethesda shop petitions to keep giant skateboard

(WJLA) - It’s hard not to notice a 12-foot-long skateboard when you pass through Fairmont Avenue in Bethesda – and it also happened to catch the eye of the county’s zoning department after someone filed a complaint.

Just last week, the owners of “Bethesda Scooters and Boards” were given a notice of violation, stating they needed to get a permit for the giant blue skateboard floating above their shop or remove it altogether. If not, they would face a $500 fine.

“We feel as though the skateboard has really brought more people into the city of Bethesda to buy things – just tourists, they like to take their picture by it,” said store owner, Tyson Plumbtree.

The owners add they aren’t trying to create any waves in the community, and if the public doesn’t like it, they’ll gladly take it down; however, if they do, they say they’ll fight it one fine at a time.

“If we can bring the awareness of longboarding and skateboarding to people’s consciousness, that’s worth it. I’ll take it down tomorrow as long as we get a skate park for the kids in Bethesda,” said store owner, Kaare Wieneke.

Wieneke says they now have a petition going to try and save what they consider a piece of art.

“”It’s pretty, it’s whimsical, it’s nice to see something out of the ordinary,” he said.

The zoning investigator who issued the violation told us that even if the owners apply for a permit, he isn’t sure it would be approved because of the standout factor.