B-thrifty holds "Clothes for Kids" drive for back-to-school

A Prince William County thrift store is giving local families a big break on their back-to-school shopping bills.

Alonso Zamora, the owner of B-thrifty in Woodbridge, sees a lot of families coming through his doors who are barely making ends meet. So he came up with a way to help.

On Tuesdays kids can get three outfits free of charge.

Customer Christine Smith said, "Most of these are going to be provided free to me, and it's just amazing."

Smith never imagined she'd take her granddaughter shopping without shrinking her wallet. The "Clothes for Kids" drive is a blessing for her bank account.

"My husband is on worker's compensation. My children are having problems with their finances even though they both have full-time jobs. They're both running low on money," Smith said.

Zamora added, "It's a tough economy right now."

Zamora opened the store about a year ago and decided he had to do more to help his cash-strapped neighbors.

"It's been because of my background. Being from difficult things are. We used to get hand-me-downs or second-hand clothing. It's just natural. We’ve always given back as a community," Zamora explained.

Zamora allows his customers of every income to fill their carts with free clothing twice a year.

Customer April Greene said, "It does good for me because I have four children, and I'm a single mom..."

A big savings, especially during an expensive time of the year.{ }

The National Retail Federation reports the average parent with children in grades K-12 will spend nearly $700 on back-to-school shopping.

The "Clothes for Kids" drive runs year-round on Tuesdays for children 8 and under. During back-to-school season, children up to 13-years-old can get free clothing.

B-thrifty says the drive wouldn't be possible without donations.

Click here for more information on Zamora's store.