Apple to release "Mountain Lion" in summer 2012

Apple products

Apple® announced and released a developer preview of their new operating system, Mountain Lion, today in Cupertino, CA. The new system will be bringing the apps and features of the iPad® and iPhone® to the Mac® and speeding up the pace of OX 10®.
Mountain Lion will introduce Messages, Notes, Reminders, Game Center, Notification Center, Share Sheets, Twitter integration, and AirPlay® Mirroring. It will also be the first to be built with iCloud® and is introducing Gatekeeper, a new security feature.

“The Mac is on a roll, growing faster than the PC for 23 straight quarters, and with Mountain Lion things get even better,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing, according to the Apple press release.

Mountain Lion will also have features specifically designed for Chinese users allowing them to select Baidu when searching in Safari and allowing them to upload directly to Chinese video websites.

Mac users will be able to upgrade in late summer 2012.