Apple protesters fighting worker mistreatment

Apple protestors fighting worker mistreatment

Protesters are descending onto the D.C. Apple Store location on Thursday because they are concerned about how the company’s suppliers treat workers in their factories in China and elsewhere abroad.

A petition carrying 200,000 signatures was boxed up and hand delivered Thursday morning to the Georgetown Apple store.

“There are hundreds of thousands of Apple consumers out there who care about how their products are made and they voiced their opposition here today asking Apple to make a better product,” says Amanda Kloer, who dressed as an iPhone.

The protesters in the Georgetown store were not alone: there are also similar protests happening in half a dozen Apple Stores globally.

The protests stemmed from an online petition launched two weeks ago on The petition was created by Mark Shields, who says he is an Apple customer who was "shocked to learn of the abusive working conditions in many of Apple's supplier factories," CNN reported. The petition has received over 200,000 signatures.

“I have a knot in my stomach about Apple right now,” says Shields. “What I think is they have the creativity to change this. They changed how we listen to music, how we see TV and use technology in our lives. I think they can make a change and be a leader in the world.”

Another petition, led by corporate accountability lobbying group, has drawn 50,000 signatures.

Both groups will be represented in Thursday's protest. Supporters plan to hand-deliver copies of the petitions and their signatures, to the stores.

The targeted stores include marquee locations in Washington, DC, New York City, San Francisco, London, Sydney and Bangalore.

"This is a really huge step for us, in combining all of the voices we've collected from people all over the world asking Apple to clean up their supply chain," human rights organizer Sarah Ryan told CNNMoney.

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