American Airlines, US Airways considering merger

A proposed merger is being discussed between two airline giants. If American Airlines and US Airways combine, they would create the largest airline in the world.

But why are the two companies considering the deal?

Airline industry analyst Mark Drusch explained, "The economics make so much sense. They're so compelling that I think the creditors and the boards of both companies said, 'Let's get this done it will be good for everybody.'"

Stephanie McCumber, who was flying US Airways to Iowa Thursday wasn't so sure if the potential mega airline would do anything but jack up airfares.

"You don't have the choice but to pay the higher price to get to where you are going," she said.

A merger between American and US Airways would cut down on competition.

"For the past 30 years, we've had mergers in the airline industry and sometimes those mergers bring about good service sometimes it brings about worse service," added Donald Ellis, another flyer.

No one knows for sure right now how service would be affected, but it would mean most of the air travel in the U.S. would be controlled by just four companies - American/US Airways, Delta, Southwest and United.

Airline passenger Coleman Kane said, "When you combine airlines, they try to economize and make things run efficiently. I have been pleased with US Air over the years, and I hope their quality of service doesn't suffer because of the merger."