Alleged contractor scam still going on despite customer complaints

(WJLA) - Looks can be deceiving, as Sandy Tsue of Beltsville, Md. learned the hard way when she searched for a contractor to clean her carpets and air ducts in her home.

"I looked for the largest ad," she said. "I thought, he's doing well, he's gotta be a good person."

Tsue said she spotted a Penny Saver advertisement for Sky Restoration, offering a steal of a deal.

But, she says when Brian Nalley showed up at her home, the price jumped from around $100 to $2,000 - for work Tsue calls sub-par.

Tsue says Nalley later agreed to a partial refund, but that it never came - and the situation has left her uneasy.

"I was scared of him, I really was scared of him and his son," Tsue told ABC7. "He's been in our house, he's seen what we have. It wouldn't take much for him to come back when we weren't here and help himself. I was very scared."

Rennae Cager said she found Sky Restoration through the same Penny Saver ad.

"It said $129 for the entire house," she said. "This is what we thought we were getting."

She said she wanted her ducts cleaned - but that, instead, Nalley cleaned her out of $500 for what she believes what a bogus allergy treatment.

Like Tsue, she said she demanded a refund.

"I told him, I better have my check or I'm going to call 7 On Your Side or the Better Business Bureau - because I will get my money back," she said. "He just hung up the phone."

This isn't the first time 7 On Your Side has dealt with Brian Nalley. Last year, Wilma Smith hired Sky Restoration to fix her furnace. She paid $900 - but says Nalley never came back to finish the work.

After ABC7 got involved, Nalley agreed to a partial refund.

Sky Restoration has an 'F' grade from the Better Business Bureau, and the Maryland Attorney General has two dozen citizen complaints filed against businesses linked to Nalley in the last four years.

While the company name may change, the allegations are strikingly similar - questionable work, and changing prices.

When 7 On Your Side asked Nalley outside of an unrelated court hearing in Bel Air, and asked him if he is doing legitimate business, he said "Yes, I am."

His wife, Dawn, said the customers complaining about not getting their refunds two months after he agreed to send them, she said "Yeah, that's what all customers say when things don't go their way."

Cager said she isn't going to give up.

"I will do whatever I can to get my money back, and after reading all the complaints [about] him, I'm so angry," she said. "He has scammed a lot of people including me."

Cager said, if she has to, she'll take Nalley to court to get her refund - and hopes the attorney general will finally step in.