'Great Taste of Tysons' festival to carry on this weekend despite absence of Silver Line

TYSONS CORNER, Va. (WJLA) - A festival planned to celebrate the arrival of Metro's Silver Line will carry on this weekend - despite the noticeable absence of the party's honored guest.

Friday, plenty of movement is happening to get the Great Taste of Tysons party ready - even if the Silver Line isn't moving at all.

"The show must go on," says festival organizer Moira Bindner.

Bindner said, after the festival's date had already been pushed back several times, as did the date for Silver Line's opening, organizers and vendors finally couldn't wait any longer.

"Well, we were hoping when we scheduled the event that it would be a 'Welcome to the Silver Line and Welcome to Tysons' [party], and it didn't quite work out that way," Bindner explained. "They said, 'Ya know what, we're gonna be there whether it's open or not."

John Kamerer is an artist from Pennsylvania who, like others, thinks the goal of drawing 5,000 people won't happen without Metro.

"I think it affects a lot of people that made plans for the fact it was gonna be open," Kamerer said. "It would have been better [to have the festival with the Silver Line open], that's for sure."

All over Tysons, Silver Line fatigue is setting in, especially among businesses that have suffered during years of construction.

"The delay is very frustrating," said Jilla Tehrani, who manages Tysons Hair Design near the new Greensboro station. "We just keep waiting and waiting."

Tehrani says sales have dropped 40 percent during construction, and they need Metro to open to help recover the losses - but she still doesn't know when that will be.

"It's frustrating. You cannot trust those people anymore," she said.