Mayoral debate

Matt Mulcahy during debate for Syracuse mayor.

The candidates shook hands and said hello before the red light went on, but once it did the level of tension clearly increased as we started questioning the three people who want to be the next mayor of Syracuse. Republican Steve Kimatian attacked democrat Stephanie Miner. Miner sternly shot back not backing down. They sat separated by Conservative Party Candidate Otis Jennings who seemed to hold the middle ground literally and figuratively.

This is a debate that will air Monday night at 7:00 pm on WSTM NBC 3. We worked with our media partner WCNY to record the conversation. It covered many of the key issues, finding differences on how to handle the Carousel Mall expansion or a city curfew. We discovered the candidates are not happy with what they view as a rift between police and the public. An understanding of ways to mend those fences could be a key quality in selecting a new police chief under the new administration.

The debate got most contentious when the candidates asked questions of each other. Otis Jennings demanded answers on the renovation of Blodgett School. Stephanie Miner wanted to hear how the other two would cut the city budget when revenues from the state drop. Steve Kimatian questioned Miner's temperament. I won't give you all the answers here. That would be a bit like giving away the ending of a movie. Tune in Monday night at 7 pm.

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