Working Woman: Chryssa Wolfe, successful artist and home builder

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - As a successful artist and a home builder, Chryssa Wolfe has been breaking barriers for decades.

Her bright, colorful paintings show Wolfe's signature style.

"I've never met a color I didn't love, truly,” Wolfe tells ABC7’s Alison Starling.

And she has built dozens of homes around D.C.

“You have to love being in dirt,” she says.

It’s a winning combination for Wolfe. Her artwork sells for thousands of dollars in. And her homes are sought after in the area.

But it wasn’t always that way.

“I would leave and I would hear the husband say, ‘there's no way we're hiring a woman to do our house,’” she says.

But now Wolfe has renovated or built at least 60 homes.

Wolfe grew up in Greece and shortly after moving to America, she would sell her paintings on the National Mall. And she was renovating old, run-down houses.

“I have the ability to let the one part of that brain feed off the other and create these homes and paintings and one does inspire the other one,” she says.

Wolfe says her best pick-me-up is to drive by the homes she has built.

“I see carriages on the front porch and I see bicycles and I drive around and by the time I finish my tour I feel so proud and so happy,” she says.

Chryssa Wolfe's next art show in D.C. is coming up in September.