Toni Henderson, owner of Mint Condition, says consignment is in her blood

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (WJLA){ }- Just off King Street in historic Old Town Alexandria is a boutique filled with designer bags, shoes, and clothes.

“Diane von Furstenberg is a big seller for us,” says Toni Henderson, the owner of MInt Condition.{ }

Mint Condition{ }is a consignment store{ }that{ }sells{ }used items in good condition, a deal{ }Henderson says benefits both the seller and the buyer.

“It’s always great to make someone’s day when they come in and find a designer purse that they may not have been able to buy in the real store,” she says.

Henderson just turned 30 but she’s been a small business owner for almost five years. She worked for a law firm, but in 2009, she invested all of her savings,{ }began collecting clothes, and opened Mint Condition.

“It was definitely a scary move to quit my great job and take a leap of faith,” she says.

For Henderson, consignment is in her blood. Her mother still runs a consignment store in Minnesota that’s been open since 1981.

“Just running around, playing with all the clothes, putting on the high heels when I was a little girl, trying everything on. It was like the biggest dress up closet any kid could ever hope for,” she says.

And now Henderson is hoping to continue on the path her mother started so many years ago.

“To have her be proud of me, you know, she’s done this for 30 years, so to have her be proud means a lot,” she says.

Mint Condition has gone from 40 consignors to more than 2,000 and moved to a location that’s double the size of its first shop. Henderson hopes to open another location in the near future.