Local woman makes life's passion life's work by helping infertile couples conceive

ARLINGTON, Va. (WJLA) - "Infertility is just a roller coaster. It's a deep desire for something that is just so elusive," says Heidi Hayes who knows all about it firsthand.

She and her husband were unable to get pregnant, so they adopted a son from Guatemala. When they tried to adopt again, the process failed – and that's when Hayes turned to donor eggs:

“With donor eggs we would be able to have a genetic connection with my husband as well...[and] I could carry a pregnancy and that was pretty exciting to me."

On the very first try, it was twins for Hayes! She says that with the boy-girl duo, their family was finally complete. And in 2010, she made her life's passion her life's work, transitioning from a position in the healthcare field to working with Donor Egg Bank USA along with a local doctor.

“It's a personal passion for me," says Hayes. "I really enjoy talking with the couples who are trying to make this decision. I've been there, I know how hard this decision is to make."

Donor Egg Bank USA has resulted in more than 400 births using frozen donor eggs. It was the first organization in the country to ship eggs to doctors across the country, so the mothers didn’t have to travel to the egg bank themselves.

Hayes says that babies born to her clients, like baby Jimmy and little Olivia, make her job a joy every single day. And it’s a joy that she can relate to herself.