Knockout Panties founder Angela Newnam

Angela Newnam is in her home office, happily sifting through fabrics and lots and lots of underwear. It's not just any underwear, because as with most new products or inventions, these came from a personal need and she was tired of being shy about it.

After having three kids, Newnam started working out again.

“I realized I had good pants, outer wear, the high tech, but my underwear was just regular, plain underwear and it really wasn't getting the job done after a sweaty workout,” she says.

Newnam had a background in fabrics after working with textile companies as a consultant. She also had an MBA from Harvard. So she researched and bought a patent for a fabric used for hunters clothing and mixed it with soft cottons and lace.

“Look good, be pretty, be comfortable, yet actually perform what underwear is supposed to do which is protect your clothing,” Newnam said.

In fact the wicking material has the same active ingredient as Febreze Airspray. Newnam says the liner makes moisture and odor disappear.

Newnam started with just women's underwear but now has sleepwear for night sweats and men's products. Knockout Panties are now sold in 375 retail shops internationally. The products cost an average of $30 a piece, not cheap for underwear. But Newnam says customers keep coming back.

“They are made in America, they're the highest quality supima cotton and laces that I can find and the technology, of course, we see the value in that,” she says.

And Newnam says it's great for her three children to see how much goes into starting a business.

“It doesn't just happen overnight and it doesn't happen without a lot of hard work and they're seeing that and I think that's a valuable lesson for then to see and learn,” she says.