Corrine Cannon helps local moms with D.C. Diaper Bank

Corrine Cannon. Photo: ABC7

In one week, moms will be celebrated and honored on Mother’s Day. This Week’s Working Woman is a mom herself who has made a huge difference in the lives of our region's neediest mothers and their babies.

The simple act of changing baby Jack’s diaper changed the direction of Corrine Cannon’s life. After the birth of her son, Cannon wanted to help other new moms.

“We said how can we help other families other mothers who are going through this and maybe don't have all the support we have,” Cannon said.

So, she called local non-profits and was stunned by their greatest need.

“We were really shocked to hear diapers and we heard it over and over again,” she said.

Cannon says she had no idea food stamps don't cover diapers, and how much families living in poverty struggle with the cost. Her new mission was to help all moms bond with their child.

“If you have a baby with diaper rash it's not gonna happen because that baby's in pain and you can't say to a two week old it's gonna get better,” Cannon said.

Cannon started collecting diapers, but never intended to start a non-profit.

“We thought we would work with the Diaper Bank that already existed because of course there had to be a Diaper Bank and we found out the closest one was in Pennsylvania,” she said.

From that idea, The D.C. Diaper Bank began. It delivered more than 125,000 diapers to D.C. area families in just the first year.

Cannon helped launch the National Diaper Bank Network. She left her job in communications and now runs the D.C. Bank full time.

“It's not a need that's gonna go away, so I think that while I'd love to be out of business, I'd love in a year for this to no longer be a need, I don't think that's a reality,” Cannon said.