Charlotte Reid blends public relations, book tours, branding

Charlotte Reid

Charlotte Reid shows says D.C. is the perfect city for her two passions: Interior design and event planning.

“I think DC is unique in that it is extremely conservative by day but at night D.C. really comes alive,” she says. “I think that you find the folks that are on K Street very conservative during the day really know how to let loose.”

Reid says her business, which incorporates public relations, book tours, and brand building along with design and party planning, is growing. She says 95 percent of her clients come from friends.

It's that ability to turn networking into profit that landed her in Ebony magazine.

“You often don't recognize the value of your network until someone reminds you of that so what I saw as a great group of friends someone else saw as a valuable network,” she says.

Reid says of all of her endeavors, philanthropy is the closest to her heart. She started "Living is Giving" on a trip to Ghana. Her goal was to collect 500 shoes for children to wear to school. She collected 4,000.

“I actually went to the villages and distributed it to orphans and people who needed it,” she says.

Back here in D.C., because so many of Reid's clients are friends, too the successful business owner says it makes work fun - sometimes too fun.

“I've been able to really blossom as an entrepreneur and really create my own path so I've had challenges, but the challenge is how much do I want to play vs. how much do I want to work,” she says.