Cate Edwards starts public interest law firm in D.C.


We know her as a daughter who watched her father fall from grace on a public stage, lost her mother to breast cancer and loyally stood by her father's side each day of his criminal trial.

But now, 31-year-old lawyer Cate Edwards, daughter to presidential candidate and former North Carolina Senator John Edwards, is starting a new chapter of her life, right here in D.C.

“We as people can't get through anything tough alone, and we rely on one another,” she says. “I've relied on my family and my friends, and that support system to get me through.”

Edwards and her law partner have started public interest law firm Edwards and Eubanks, focusing on civil rights law, discrimination and employment rights.

“I've always wanted a legal career where I helped people where I was able to give something back and make a difference,” she says.

It’s something she says she learned at home from an early age.

She is also proud of her work with the Elizabeth Edwards Foundation, set up in honor of her mother to help students go to college.

“Her voice was definitely loud in my head doing those things and I think, and I'm hopeful that she would be proud,” Edwards says.

In 2011, she married her longtime boyfriend Trevor Upham, and he's now a resident at Georgetown Hospital. Edwards says as they start their journey together, she maintains a strong relationship with her family.

“Any obstacles that I maybe ran into along the way they are now in the past,” Edwards says. “We are all moving forward we all have a strong relationship and yeah, we're still a family.”