'Survivor' star uses winnings to combat dating and domestic violence

(WJLA) - Becky Lee is not a victim of domestic violence herself -- but she says a story she heard as a junior while at the University of Michigan about a woman who was attacked, never leaves her mind.

"She was being dragged by her hair down the street and the abuser had slashed her stomach and you could actually see the large intestine hanging out," Lee described. "And she was screaming, and no one came to her to help."

That's when Lee decided she had to do something to fight domestic violence.

"The problem is, we need to be talking about this before the actual tragedy occurs," she added.

In 2006, Lee came in third on the reality show "Survivor." She used her winnings to start a nonprofit called "Becky's Fund."

The organization is focused on education and prevention of domestic and dating violence in the nation's capital.

Lee said, it happens to more people than one would usually think.

"People still have a lot of ideas and assumptions that domestic violence only occurs in a poor family, or a person of a certain class, culture or background," Lee said.

Therefore, Lee said Becky's Fund targets young people about warning signs for early prevention. They even work with men, and also try to get people to stop blaming the victims.

"Really, the lens needs to be switched to say, why does the abuse continue? Why does the abuser continue to get away with the crime?" Lee explained.

And to blow off steam after dealing with such a heavy and complicated topic, this petite lawyer plays competitive football.

"My friends and family know I'm obsessed with football," she said. "It helps me release the stress and get away from it all."

Learn more about Becky's Fund on the organization's website:

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