Check online statements: Washington Gas admits ongoing billing errors

Check online statements: Washington Gas admits ongoing billing errors. (ABC7 photo)

We have important information for Washington Gas customers - check your online account. The utility recently "updated" its billing systems and while you may be paying on time, it may not be going through.

This has affected tens of thousands of customers and many may not realize it. The problems are with Washington Gas' online billing system where payments are not being accepted or bills are not being sent out.

In December, Washington Gas installed new online billing software. And since then, customers like Andrew Middleton have had problems.

"I don't know what to believe," stated Middleton, a Bowie resident.

For many customers, payments were rejected, without them knowing. Others, like Middleton didn't received a bill for months, then suddenly got one for more than $600.

"I had to tap into my emergency fund to make sure I'm paying my bills. Luckily, I had set aside money for that," added Middleton.

Washington Gas told 7 On Your Side the bugs are being worked out, but 18,000 eService accounts are still affected.

Utility spokesman, Jim Monroe, told ABC 7, "We are committed to delivering a better online experience and regret that we have fallen short."

"We wanted to make sure their rights were being protected and any harm that came as a result of this error would be rectified,' said Laurence Daniels of the DC Office of the People's Counsel.

The D.C. Office of the People's Counsel tells ABC 7 31,000 - or 21 percent - of Washington Gas customers in the District were affected by the error. Some were sent termination notices and had their gas shut off, but the utility company would not tell 7 On Your Side how many.

"This number, 31,000, is a lot. We've never seen that many at one time," stated Daniels.

"I still don't know what to believe. I'm going to look at my meter and go through each bill and see if the meter reading is correct," concluded Middleton.

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