Washington Business Report: One-on-one with the diamond boss, up close with Charity Engine, the economic recovery and more

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - On this week's edition of Washington Business Report with ABC7 national correspondent Rebecca Cooper:

Diamond Boss still shines

You've heard his voice for years on your radio - but do you know the full story behind the "diamond in the rough" who became a business gem?

Ronnie Mervis credits the success of family-owned Mervis Diamond Importers to facing down obstacles such as economic downturns and public image problems about "blood diamonds."

In this week’s one-on-one interview with Rebecca Cooper, the South Africa native talks about how he makes his business shine.

Passion Drives Charity Business

Charity Engine is a start-up success developing innovative software to help nonprofits, and the small company is a success despite facing huge rivals in the marketplace.

Our Small Business Spotlight this week focuses on the small Virginia company that's helping millions of people.

Named one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S. by Inc. Magazine, Charity Engine's founders say that attention is a shot in the arm for any small business.

The Roundtable: Credit for Economic Recovery Scattered

New economic numbers out this week show encouraging signs of life for this limp recovery, with increased trade and business investment.

But President Obama isn’t getting any credit from Washington Business Report roundtable participant Peter Morici of the Robert H. Smith School of Business.

“This recovery looks an awful lot like the George Bush recovery. It seems to be that in the end, the U.S. economy doesn’t much care who’s in the White House,” says Morici.

The credit for the slight recovery should go to the Federal Reserve, says Jonathan Aberman of Amplifier Ventures.

“We have to thank the Fed more than we have to thank anybody downtown for the recovery. This is liquidity recovery,” he told Rebecca Cooper.