Washington Business Report: May 25, 2014


Will former CEO be back on ballot?

When Carly Fiorina was fired as CEO of Hewlett-Packard in 2005, London's Observer newspaper blared, "Headstrong, pushy.... and so farewell to Fiorina."

Fiorina became the poster child for women deemed too pushy. And she, in turn, was pushed out.

But business experts now call Fiorina's determination to merge with Compaq "brilliant" and visionary and hold her work in high regard.

Fiorina is now living in Virginia, leading an innovative non-profit organization called Good360.

But with Fiorina's unfulfilled dream of being elected to public office, Rebecca Cooper asked whether the former CEO has hopes to run again, this time in the Commonwealth.

IdentityX may hold key to password problems

At a time when eBay is urging customers to change passwords, a Fairfax County company has the technology to make passwords a thing of the past.

Hackers got into eBay databases a few months ago, and the company is now telling its 145 million active customers that the cyber attack compromised databses containing passwords and other non-financial data.

However, with the technology developed by IdentityX, biometrics -- voice, face recognition and fingerprints -- are the key to getting access to someone's account.

As part of the Small Business Spotlight on Washington Business Report, Conor White, President of the X-Business portion of the company, explains how the software works, and why American consumers will likely be using the tool very soon.

Washington business week in review

It was a tough week for lawmakers in Virginia, wrangling over the budget while a possible shutdown looms. Jim Dinegar, President and CEO of the Greater Washington Board of Trade, discusses with Rebecca Cooper the probability and true cost of a shutdown, along with other headlines.

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