Washington Business Report: June 29, 2014

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Fashion icon makes her voice heard

Her designs are known worldwide, most notably the wrap-around dress, and now, Diane von Furstenberg wants her voice to be heard as a member of the board for Vital Voices. The international organization brings visibility to extraordinary women by unleashing their leadership potential to transform lives in their communities.

During her one-on-one interview with Rebecca Cooper on Washington Business Report, von Furstenberg shared just how much she is touched by the stories of courage and strength.

Kogiya: Big flavor, huge success

In the Washington, DC region, Korean BBQ restaurants are still growing in popularity, with dozens of restaurants offering delicious fare, especially in the Annandale area of Virginia.

This week, the Small Business Spotlight on Washington Business Report focuses on Kogiya, which may look like a small family business on the outside. However, with a resume that includes work at the Marriott Hotel and the Ritz-Carlton, co-owner Sylvia Cho is proving she might be the secret ingredient to this successful business.

Roundtable: Supreme Court decisions spark reaction

The weekly round table on Washington Business Report was a feisty one as the guests tackled Supreme Court decisions this week. It ruled the Environmental Protection Agency can require greenhouse-gas controls on power plants and other large stationary sources of pollution, but that the agency went too far in claiming power to regulate smaller emitters.

The recess appointments decision and the pending lawsuit about executive power were also in the headlines this week. Jonathan Aberman, Managing Director of Amplifier Ventures says dysfunction and polarization continues to grow in DC. "Why does this matter to business? Because the debt ceiling and other issues are going to come up after the mid terms, and this is setting up a gridlock that will make the last go around seem easy to resolve," he says.