Recovering military members and their families benefit from makeover at Walter Reed at Forest Glen

SILVER SPRING, Md. (WJLA) – A business about to open its doors for the first time is already working to give back to the community. Specifically, it is helping military members as they get military treatment, far away from home.

Monday was moving day at Water Reed at Forest Glen, a secondary home that, for military families, is getting an upgrade. New furniture, artwork and more are moving into the Fisher House, a place that cares for seven military families at a time.

Navy family Lyndsay and Thomas Morris are sleep deprived like most new parents, but they are spending nights at the Fisher House so they can be close to their nine-day-old daughter, Scarlett, who is in the NICU just down the street.

“Of course we want her home, but we’re not going to push that,” Lyndsay Morris said. “If she needs time, she needs time.”

They don’t have to rush, because this place is different; it gives service members—veterans and their families—somewhere to stay close to the hospital while they’re dealing with illnesses or injuries.

Thanks to Bassett Furniture, Fisher House is getting a makeover.

“It’s uplifting. We make it a happy place to be, and these are people that have really given themselves to us and our country and we’re able to give back,” said Bassett Furniture Store Sales Manager Jill Rothfield.

There are Fisher Houses like this all over the D.C. area, but only the Forest Glen location is getting an upgrade at the moment. Still, it’s a good deal; you don’t have to leave until your treatment is done and at the end of your stay, there’s absolutely no bill.

Irma Duplessis and her family don’t have to worry about footing the cost of a hotel as she heals from breast cancer surgery. She’s lived around the world with her Air Force husband, but now the place she and others lay their heads during recovery is more comfortable.

“It takes a lot of weight off,” Duplessis said. This was a lifesaver for us, because I don’t know how we could have done it.”