Military brides search for dream wedding dress

(WJLA) - Military brides lined up and waited – some for hours – for the wedding dress of their dreams.

"I think this is awesome that people are donating their dresses to military causes, spouses, or significant others," says shopper Lisa Wells.

These brides are getting free gowns, courtesy of Brides Across America. The women, many with friends or parents, stormed Jeannette’s Bride ‘N Boutique in Manassas, one of several stores taking part across the country.

"Especially in our community with all these military bases around us, and with how much people give up to be able to be doing what they're doing. It just feels great to be able to give something back and actually watch somebody walk out so happy, so excited," says Kiera Ogdin, the store's General Manager.

Consultants helped the women select and try on a wide array of dresses. It wasn’t easy, but many had success in finding that perfect gown. There were also accessories to consider, with other vendors donating products and giveaways.

It’s a perfect way to thank those who have served their country.

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