Md. Min. Wage Debates: No raise for tipped workers, increase for disabled caregivers

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) - A measure to raise Maryland's minimum wage is being debated in the state Senate.

The Senate began debate on amendments to the bill on Friday. Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller says there are many amendments to go through.

The measure phases in increases over the next several years, topping out at $10.10 in July of 2018. It also freezes tipped workers' minimum wage at $3.63 and allows employers to pay employees who are 19 or younger 85 percent of the minimum wage for the first six months.

The measure includes a four-year, 3.5-percent mandated increase for community service providers who work with the developmentally disabled to keep their pay above minimum wage.

Maryland's legislative session ends Monday at midnight.