Government shutdown 2013: Veterans disability checks in jeopardy

Jim Shott discusses his benefits. (WJLA)

(WJLA) - Jim Shott is a Vietnam veteran now on 100 percent disability.

Diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, the retired Marine and single dad to two teenagers depends on his monthly check from the VA to help pay his bills.

“We're talking about mortgage, we're talking about food for me and the boys, we're talking about gasoline to get around, especially to my medical appointments,” Shott says.

He got his October check, but November remains uncertain because of the government shutdown.

Veterans aren't just angry about the military memorials closing. If the shutdown drags on, disability checks, survivor benefits to veterans' widows, and college payments under the G.I. bill will all be delayed.

“We're talking about, at the end of the month, these folks will not be receiving their government checks,” says Joe Davis, Veterans of Foreign Wards spokesman. “This is going to seriously impact the quality of life, the financial stability, of millions of Americans.”

Shott, who takes medications for his PTSD, says Congress needs to get it together.

“Definitely disgusted with the elected officials that are not doing their job,” Shott says.