D.C. Housing Authority finds housing for homeless veterans

More than 70 homeless veterans now have a place to call home thanks to the D.C. Housing Authority.

Atiba Turner never thought he would be off the streets.{ }

" I'm just, I'm just thankful. really thankful and blessed," Turner says.

After his service in the Gulf War, Turner says he was gripped by alcoholism, which eventually led him to homelessness.

Today, Turner has a new home and a housing voucher that will pay a significant portion of his rent.

Turner adds, "Just to have this day now and a place to call home, it's a magnificent feeling."

With $1.5 million from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, more than 70 vouchers were given to qualified veterans. Some even walked away with house keys.

Adrianne Toddman, executive director of the D.C.H.A., says "These are veterans who have some social issues, and we are going to work with collaboration with the VA."

Working with local landlords, the program has placed more than 700 veterans.{ }

Landlords say it's a way to fill vacancies, as well as fill a need.

Long & Foster realtor Daniel Crosby adds, "It was great. It was very rewarding. We signed up and moved in 18 veterans today. So, 18 veterans had a chance to get their keys and move into their units today."

Now, Turner is coming home to a place of his own and hopes to build a life with his 7-year-old daughter.

"This is going to be the start, because now I have a place of my own where she can come. And we'll be able to spend time together," Turner says.

He adds that he's making up for lost time.