Woman reaches out to 7 On Your Side after water, sewage pours from wall behind TV

Woman reaches out to 7 On Your Side after water, sewage pours from wall behind TV (ABC7)

A viewer reached out to 7 On Your Side Troubleshooter Horace Holmes in a panic after she turned on her mounted flatscreen television set and noticed something strange and nasty pouring out of the wall.

Elizabeth Mukete was in her family room earlier this month watching her big screen TV when she says water and what looked like sewage began leaking out from behind the set.

“My living room was coming down. Purrrrrr,” Elizabeth said. “I said, 'Lord, what is going on?”

Elizabeth's daughter-in-law, Christine Mukete, who was visiting with her two girls from New Orleans, had just finished taking a bath in the upstairs bathroom and had let the water out of the tub when the sewage began spilling out downstairs.

The Mukete’s called a plumber, who took down the TV tand cut a hole in the wall. What they found were rusty bolts and three holes drilled into a pipe that carried water and sewage from the bathroom upstairs to the sewage line under the house.

“There had been corrosion,” Christine said.

In December 2012, the family purchased the TV from Best Buy and the company’s Geek Squad mounted it to the wall in Elizabeth house.

The Mukete’s say they believe, over time, the screws corroded and the water and sewage began to leak into the wall where the tv set was mounted.

“It's just full of black mold in the area,” Christine said.

The family says they called in mold experts and the health department who told them to move out of the house immediately.

While they filed a complaint with the Geek Squad, the Mukete's moved into a hotel

“They haven't been to our location. they haven't given us a hotel,” Christine said.

7 On Your Side contacted Best Buy and its Geek Squad and a representative stated that the company has been in touch with the family and is working quickly to provide assistance.

The manager of the Mukete’s local Best Buy also offered to give them a new TV.

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