Woman 'ashamed' of the progress of her backyard pond calls in 7 ON YOUR SIDE for help

Woman 'ashamed' of the progress of her backyard pond calls in 7 ON YOUR SIDE for help (ABC7)

Roberta Gregor says her backyard garden is the jewel of her McLean home, but that jewel, she said, has lost its luster.

“I did not sit out here for my birthday in March. I did not sit out here for Mother's Day with friends. I usually have friends over for dinner. No, I am ashamed of it,” Gregor told 7 ON YOUR SIDE.

That’s because a big hole has sat in the middle of her yard for months.

"I wanted a fish pond,” Gregor says, “Fish and some frogs and some waterlilies. I'd love to have it.”

Gregor thought she would have it by now.

Back in March, Gregor says she hired contractor Jay McCoy of Middletown to build her dream pond.

According to Gregor, the two sides agreed the project would cost $7,500 and she claims she has paid him half that amount.

Gregor says after getting the money and digging the hole, work stopped and no substantial work had been done since April.

“I keep thinking something's wrong. He's not well. He can't get workers. I guess and I give him the benefit of the doubt, but it's been a long time,” Gregor says. “He stops by regularly to visit.”

Gregor contacted 7 ON YOUR SIDE and we called McCoy.

He told us personal problems and bad weather put him way behind in his work but promised he would finish the project within a week-and-a-half.

7 ON YOUR SIDE visited Gregor’s home and work has started again.

It looks like the homeowner is well on her way to getting the pond she wants.

“It's going to be beautiful and then you can come back and see it,” says Gregor.

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