Beware: Don't click on the bogus 'Instagram ugly list'

Beware: Don't click on the bogus 'Instagram ugly list' (ABC7)

Instagram is a social media tool so users, for the most part, can post pretty pictures. So why would there be an Instagram “ugly list”?

Because it’s a trick and Instagram has nothing to do with it. If you click on the link that takes you to the list, something ugly can happen. If you receive a message that you’ve been added to that list, don’t let your curiosity get the best of you.

We found teenager Brooke Ricardi and her mother in Northwest DC. Brooke told us she received one of those messages that she had been added to the list.

“They tagged all of my friends in it,” Ricardi told us, “ And it just said something really mean.”

Besides being mean, what’s the purpose?

Kelsey Owen of the Better Business Bureau says, “This is the hot one right now."

"This list wants you to enter in your Instagram user name, your password in the hopes of stealing that, selling it and taking your personal information and running with it.”

The “ugly list” is one of the top complaints coming into the BBB’s scam tracker site. The scammer, Owen says, wants you to click on the link to the list and then you are prompted to enter your account information and once the hacker has that he can keep digging for your birth date, home address and possibly your Social Security Number.

At the very least he would have access to send the message to all of your Instagram friends.

A couple of tips to protect yourself:

  • First don’t click on to that “ugly list” link.
  • Change your log-in password regularly.
  • Make sure your email account is secure, and
  • After you finishing posting on Instagram make sure you log out.
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