7 On Your Side steps in to help an Arlington woman replace her home's leaky roof

Smart Shopper: 7 On Your Side steps in to help an Arlington woman replace her home's roof (ABC7)

There is perhaps nothing more necessary than having a solid roof over your head.

"We've had some leakage into the house [and] problems with the shingles blowing off the roof," said homeowner Melody Mobley.

It's been many years since Mobley says she hasn't worried about what is outside coming into her Arlington home.

"I've had it repaired three times and it's still not sufficient," said Mobley.

Mobley then jumped on 7 On Your Side's offer to have nationwide nonprofit consumer advocacy group Consumer's Checkbook do the shopping for the best price to fix her leaking roof.

Consumer's Checkbook took bids from eight roofing companies. They are all companies that meet Checkbook's standards and are rated in their monthly periodical.

"The really good companies are just as likely to give you a good price as lousy companies," said Consumer's Checkbook Editor Kevin Brasler. "The old saying well, 'you get what you pay for' when it comes to local services ... That's not true at all."

7 On Your Side showed Mobley the quotes and she was shocked.

The highest bid was $14,700 and the lowest was $ 3,504 dollars. That's an $11,200 savings that Consumer's Checkbook found for Mobley. It's the power of comparison shopping.

"I've had some horrible experiences with contractors. but I don't have any concerns now since they've been vetted," Mobley told ABC7 Troubleshooter Horace Holmes. "Thank you so much for letting me participate."

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