7 ON YOUR SIDE puts drugstore and department store makeup to the test

7 ON YOUR SIDE puts drugstore and department store makeup to the test. (WJLA)

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - It’s an age-old question: Is department store makeup really better than what you can buy at the drugstore?

We decided to take both sets to the test by using sisters to try out each look.

ABC7 makeup artist Jasmine Mohammed applied all of the products. One sister with the drugstore brand and the other with the department store products.

As Mohammed applied the drugstore makeup, she immediately noticed, “The pigment of pharmacy makeup doesn't tend to be as pigmented. I have to really put this on and pack it on and press it into her skin to see it.”

Everything on the first sister from eyeshadow to concealer to lip gloss cost a total of $115. As Mohammed applied the designer products to sister number two, she noticed a difference right away, "When I’m blending this eyeshadow, I can feel the difference in blending it and how the color looks,” said Mohammed.

The total cost of the department store products used was $475.

So, is buying more expensive makeup worth it? Mohammed said, “I would go to a counter to get foundation because you have a professional to match it for you. I wouldn’t necessarily pay for lipstick. I wouldn’t pay for lip gloss."

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