STEM students get lesson in giving

STEM students from Montgomery Co. attend science fair at Johns Hopkins University in Rockville, Md. and gained a lesson in giving, Monday, April 24, 2017 (Kellye Lynn/ABC7/Twitter)

The science fair at Johns Hopkins University in Rockville featured mannequins and creepy crawlers.

Shareef Foster, a fourth grader at Daly Elementary in Germantown, Maryland, was most impressed with the insects.

"The bugs, millipede things, it was cool." Some of the nearly 700 students from six Montgomery County public elementary schools started the day with a lesson in baking from King Arthur Flour.

Leslie Weber is Director of Campus, Government and Community Affairs at Johns Hopkins in Montgomery County. "We give fourth grade students who've been studying changes in states of matter a real life application. They learn how to make bread," she stated. Kelly Jiron, Elementary Curriculum Specialist at Montgomery County Public Schools added "They integrate mathematics through the measuring and are making scientific observations."

The project-based learning mixes in community service. Students go home with flour, a recipe book, yeast and a bread bag with a special assignment. Weber explained, "To bake two loaves of bread. One that they will share with their families and one that they will bring back to school that would be donated to a local food pantry."

Interfaith Works in Rockville, Maryland plans to use the donated bread to feed the needy. The idea pleases Valerie Magana who also attends Daly Elementary.

"That makes me feel really good because I know that I can help people."

A chance to give back to the community while gaining a better understanding of STEM.

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