Researchers at Johns Hopkins develop game that can potentially help children with math

(Johns Hopkins University)

A positive change occurred after researchers at Johns Hopkins University developed a five minute computer game that targets our intuitive sense of quantities.

"If you give a baby two bowls of food one has far more than the other, they know which one to pick because babies already have this intuition about quantities," Jenny Wang from Johns Hopkins University said.

Children in the study used their intuitive sense to determine the amount of dots quickly flashing on the screen. Researchers then gave the group of 40 five-year-olds a math test.

"We saw this very temporary and quick change in children's math performance after a very, very simple computer game that has nothing to do with numbers or math," Wang added.

While they aren't sure if a game like this could achieve lasting improvements in math, they do believe this surprising finding is an encouraging first step, and likely to lead to more research.

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