Local Sheriff's department promotes positivity in the community

Prince George's County Sheriff's Department promotes positivity in the community (ABC7)

A group of students at Thomas Johnson Middle School in Lanham are committed to the highest standards but they didn't get to this point on their own.

Corporal Edward Womack of the Prince George's County Sheriff's Office visits them weekly to offer leadership and encouragement.

"The program is all about helping these young cadets and these students build self confidence," says Womack.

12-year-old Aaliyah Awe joined the Sheriff's Postive Deputies Assisting Youth Program this school year and has already noticed a change in herself.

"It's teaching us how to be more respectful and responsible," she offered.

Those characteristics are sharpened through the mentoring program which is also known as Positive DAY. Deputies visit local middle school classrooms where they emphasize concepts like self-esteem and character building as well as conflict resolution. Positive DAY is in its seventh year and doesn't only meet weekly inside the school. Students also engage in team-building activities that allow them to serve in the local community.

"You're starting right now how to become a young adult, how to accept responsibility to know right from wrong," Sargeant Rick Johnson told the students.

Sixth grader Ethan Leach says the program has improved his habits at school and at home.

"Helping me be a better person, be a leader, and have more self-confidence," he explained.

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