Northwest D.C. high school ranked no.1 public charter school

Class held at BASIS DC High School, which was named the number one public charter school. Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2016. (ABC7 photo)

Teachers and students at BASIS DC High School have something to celebrate. "I've known from day one we were number one but it's really nice that other people are taking notice," 17-year-old Elle James chuckled.

The annual DC Public Charter School Board rankings put BASIS DC High School at the top of the heap as the number one public charter school. KIPP DC Connect Academy comes in at number two followed by KIPP DC Promise Academy. Key factors include standardized test performance, PSAT scores and attendance rates.

Senior Ben Dewhurst has benefited from the AP courses and teachers. "I like that the teachers are really invested in our success; you know, extending deadlines, making sure everyone understands everything," he told ABC7 News. The school, which opened in 2012, offers a college prep curriculum and pushes students to work hard. "About two hours of homework a night. Busy schedule, lot of classes, lot of different schedules for students, but great success if they're willing to put in the work," explained Head of School Tim Eyerman.

At the middle school level students take courses like Latin, chemistry, biology and physics. "So that when we get to the high school and we do AP sciences we can really run with the content," offered biology teacher Dr. Kristy Sundberg.

James says she wasn't challenged at her former school in Greensboro, North Carolina but found that challenge at BASIS.

"They teach us hardwork pays off. Failure only happens if you stop. Everything else is just a learning opportunity so, it's those kind of things that really dictate why we're number one in the District," she said.

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