New career connection for students in Montgomery County

New career connection for students in Montgomery County (ABC7)

Fire trucks are on the move at Montgomery County Fire Rescue Station 8.

It's where 17-year-old Dominique Melo has put in three weeks of work this summer.

"We were able to do the physical training that they have to do to become firefighters and then last week we rode along in the ambulance," the Northwest High School student explained.

Melo is one of 450 participants of the Summer R.I.S.E. program (Real Interesting Summer Experience).

Ellie Giles is CEO of Worksource Montgomery which leads the program. "We had them working in IT, bio, they were able to experience different parts of the school system," she stated.

Students first participated in training at school and online, then spent three weeks at their job site.

Melo elaborated on her time at the fire station, "I actually want to be a doctor so it was good to have experience because they do a lot of medical things."

Lieutenant Irvin Smith told ABC7 News Station 8 opened its doors to seven Summer Risers. "We're just trying to offer them a broad scope, showing them exactly what Montgomery County Fire and Rescue is all about. "We're not just running in burning buildings and saving cats out of trees, 80-percent of our calls are EMS calls," he shared.

Lahari Tammera, a rising junior at Poolesville High, shadowed professionals at Kaiser Permanente in Gaithersburg. "I got to, for example, go to oncology, internal medicine, the ambulatory surgical center, so it was just really cool because I got to see all aspects of the medical field under one roof," she shared.

High school juniors and seniors choose to work at one of 175 different job sites. When their assignment is complete, each receives a 300-dollar stipend. Twenty-five Montgomery County high schools were involved in the Summer R.I.S.E. program.

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