MCPS Expands STEM Partnership with KID Museum

MCPS Expands STEM Partnership with KID Museum. (ABC7)

In the basement of the Davis Library in Bethesda students are exploring science, technology, engineering, and math in a whole new way. Cara Lesser, Founder and CEO of the KID Museum explained, "They see that this is not a typical classroom it's really more of a creative workshop space and it turns them on. It turns their minds on in a way that is really different from what's in the classroom."

The KID Museum is expanding its partnership with Montgomery County Public Schools. This fall, middle school students will participate in the Invent the Future Challenge. Lesser continued, "Imagining what they can invent that will improve the environment and create, design, build, and create a prototype."

Ben Koser, a teacher at Rock View Elementary in Kensington told ABC7 News, "This really ties into what we think the jobs of the future are going to look like. Right? We're trying to solve problems we don't have answers to. We need technology and solutions that nobody really knows yet."

On the elementary level, the hope is to bring STEM centers to local schools. Lesser shared, "The idea there is really to expand access on a daily basis for elementary schools around the county to have this hands on learning."

"I've been making a cup that floats under wind in a tube," 8-year-old Jade Padgett stated. Third Grader William Morasch was engaged in robotics. "I thought it was fun to make a robot," he said.

Whether it's designing structures or uncovering how things fly, the goal is to inspire the next generation of innovators through STEM.

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