Frederick County students construct tiny house

At less than 600 square feet, the house is small enough to be built indoors. Since October, students at the Frederick County Career and Technology Center have been constructing a $55,000, one bedroom, one bath tiny cottage.

ABC7 News recently visited the classroom workshop where 18-year-old Daniel Brubaker explained, "This one is being built in two sections rather than one huge house." "I just got done putting tape on the roof. Windows and doors, siding we're just now starting to put on," said carpentry student Zach Oldach.

This is the second home building project for these students who built a larger, single-family home last year. "They learned all the basics last year building the main house and now we're kind of refining their skills and giving them more practice so they're more marketable for the employers," Instructor James Thuman shared. Oldach's goal is to soon work in construction and the project offers him the needed experience to achieve that.

"Hopefully this will go hand-in-hand with what I want to do when I graduate and get out of school," the high school senior expressed. Brubaker added, "It's giving me skills that are necessary in the construction trade. Just knowing how to put together walls up from the basic stuff all the way up to advanced like installing trim and molding."

You can see the tiny cottage on March 18 and 19 at the Frederick County Building Industry Association Home Show which will be held at the Frederick Fairgrounds.

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