Arlington student wins vehicle decal contest

Wherever there are cars in Arlington, you'll likely find the decals. "The decal helps us enforce personal property tax which is your vehicle tax on your car," explained Arlington County Treasurer Carla de la Pava.

If you look closely, you'll notice a special design. Every year, there's a contest to select a new image. Hundreds of Arlington residents enter and thousands vote. Jina Davidson, a photography teacher at Wakefield High School in Arlington, encouraged her students to enter the contest. "If you want to put that on a college resume, like 'Oh where did your artwork go?' 'Oh, it's in my grandma's basement.' or 'It's on a 160,000 cars registered in Arlington County.' It's an incredible contest," she said. Three of Davidson's students made the final round including a sophomore who captured a nighttime photo of the David M. Brown Planetarium.

Fifteen-year-old Amy Kohan explained why she decided to shoot the Arlington landmark. "I chose the planetarium because I loved going to the planetarium when I was little and it never has been done before and it's never won." The entry won this time. Online voters selected Kohan's shot for Arlington's 2017-18 vehicle decal.

The win carries a prize of $750 for Kohan and $500 for the runners-up from the Arlington Community Federal Credit Union. "We were able to sponsor them both with financial prizes and displaying their artwork in our branch galleries," said Karen Rosales, CEO of Arlington Community Federal.

Kohan looks forward to seeing her artwork on vehicles starting this summer and predicted, "When it gets out there and I'll be able to see my photo on every car, I'm going to probably go up to every person that I see and be like, 'That's my picture, that's mine, that's mine."

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