Mega Millions makes changes to rules

As if it wasn’t tough enough to win the lotto, Mega Millions just made major changes that will make it even more impossible to win.

Mega has increased how many numbers you can pick, from 56 to 75. They also reduced the Mega Ball option from 46 to 15 – severely reducing the chances of winning the jackpot.

"I didn't like it because I was playing the same numbers -- now I have to change everything,” said Juan Cuellar. He had to pick different numbers on Tuesday when he went to buy his usual Mega tickets.

Prior to the change, the long-shot odds were one in 75 million. Now, it’s one in 258 million.

"Oh my goodness. So the odds go up ...but does the pay off go up?" asked Johnny Garris.

Mega Millions officials hope this will mean bigger jackpots -- but if they're going to be much harder to win, what is the point?

However, most lotto buyers don’t mind it.

"All it takes is one," said Roland.