May 18 Powerball jackpot reaches $600 million

Photo: Associated Press

This Saturday's upcoming Powerball drawing has blown through one record, and it's creeping up on a world record as well.

The May 18 lottery drawing is now worth $600 million, officials announced Friday. It's a $50 million jump from the $550 million jackpot that was announced Thursday.

This latest high eclipses the Nov. 28, 2010 Powerball drawing that was worth $587.5 million.

Three people split the largest lottery jackpot in history on March 30, 2012. That Mega Millions jackpot topped out at $656 million.

Even though nobody won the main jackpot in Wednesday's drawing, three Virginia residents took home some cash. Two winners in Alexandria and Manassas found themselves with $10,000 tickets, while another winner near Blacksburg took home $1 million.

One of the main reasons that the jackpots keep growing larger is the explosion of ticket sales nationwide. Multi-state lottery sales have skyrocketed since 1992, when the lottery began.

That year, $415 million worth of tickets were sold. So far in 2013, $5 billion worth of Powerball tickets have been sold.

Meanwhile, players nationwide are always clamoring for an edge, and in fact, there are certain numbers that have historically been more likely to come up than others.

According to Powerball officials, 16, 20, 26, 32 and 41 are the five most common numbers to appear. Stay away from 20, though - it's the least likely to pop up over Powerball's history.