No trespassing signs posted near eagle nest in Manassas


Baby eaglets have hatched in the eagle's nest in Manassas, Virginia. You can't see them yet due to the high edges of the nest.

The developer of two office buildings within feet of the nest put up no trespassing signs, but as the I-Team discovered that isn't stopping on-lookers from traveling to the back of the building to get a closer look at them.

Trespassing on private property is a crime and you can face arrest if you try and visit the eagles behind the office buildings.

Eagle advocate Amber Taylor believes the babies are in danger. She filed a lawsuit last year against U.S. Fish and Wildlife because she thinks it should have issued permits to better protect the eagles. The lawsuit is still pending but a settlement is in the works.

"Just this morning we watched two vehicles go to the back. People are getting out of their vehicles, standing underneath the nest and taking pictures. Binoculars. Nobody is respecting any distance of these eagles," says Taylor, a former Animal Welfare investigator.

Most eagle watchers observe the nest from across the street in a designated area marked by a sign.

"Absolutely, there are a couple spots near Wakeman and Gateway. Everybody seems to like that spot on the weekends," says Stephanie Mahoney with the Manassas Airport Eagles Facebook Group.

It didn't take long for the I-Team to catch a driver moving way too close to the nest.

ABC 7 News Investigator Scott Taylor talked to one of the drivers and asked, "Did you know there are no trespassing signs now?"

"That's nice," says the driver.

“You might not want to head back there. Were you aware of it?" says Taylor.

"I didn't notice that, but it's okay," replies the driver.

Amber Taylor thinks an eagle cam, much like others around the nation, would have helped protect these birds, by keeping the curious away.

The developer and the city has yet to offer one.

Follow the eagles on the Manassas Airport Eagles Facebook page.

Check out the trailer of a documentary on the eagles :

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