MPD moves speed camera to another questionable spot

MPD moves speed camera to another questionable spot (ABC7)

Less than one day after a 7 On Your Side Investigation, MPD has moved one of its most profitable speed cameras. Critics said the camera, which made the District $7 million last year, was in an unsafe location. But, those same critics now say the new location is also unsafe.

Laurence Socci came to the original camera location on Wednesday, off 295 near Exit 1, to get answers. He wanted to check out the speed camera that sent him a $100 fine.

"That camera tickets a lot of people," said Socci.

But when he got there, the camera was gone. It had been located on the road near a concrete wall between two lanes of traffic. Following a 7 On Your Side investigation, it had been moved about 100 yards north and just off the side of the road. The camera is now between the guardrail and the highway.

"It's probably in a worse spot now than it was in the first place," said Socci.

AAA agrees.

"It is still a fixed, foreign object on the side of the road,” said John Townsend with AAA Mid-Atlantic.

Townsend says the new location is in violation of highway safety. Just like the light poles and road signs, the camera should be outside the guardrail.

The I-Team questioned MPD about the new location. We were told, "We decided to move the speed camera to the side of the road out of an abundance of caution."

"If someone has an emergency or a motorist makes a mistake, they could collide into the speed camera,” stated Townsend.

"It was in a dangerous spot before and it's in a dangerous spot now,” concluded Socci.

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